AIRAID has the 2014 Chevy SS covered with a new Cold Air Dam Intake System that unlocks an additional dyno-proven 21 horsepower and 12 lb-ft of torque with a simple bolt-on installation and no additional tuning required.

The AIRAID Intake System for the 2014 SS replaces the restrictive factory intake box with aluminum Cold Air Dam panels that keep the new performance air filter isolated from hot engine compartment air while providing the engine with plenty of cold outside air. Blade-style weatherstripping seals the panels against the underside of the hood, which further keeps away hot air. The panels provide additional room for an oversize AIRAID performance filter that is available in traditional oiled media, or SynthaMax dry media that is colorfast-dyed in red, blue, or black.

The Cold Air Dam system connects to the factory mass air sensor with a unique velocity stack, which helps optimize airflow to the engine. The new aluminum intake tube smooths the airflow path from the sensor to the throttle body and cleans up the overall look of the engine compartment while offering a more aggressive sound. Testing with the intake tube also reveals crisper throttle response and overall enhanced driveability around town. Because the AIRAID system is modular and keeps the mass air sensor in the stock location, it is also compatible with most aftermarket supercharger kits.

As with the rest of AIRAID’s products, the CAD with intake tube system includes all of the necessary hardware and offers an easy bolt-on installation that is perfect for the do-it- yourselfer.

Application: 2014 Chevrolet SS Sedan (6.2L)


Contact jason@dalesmotorsport.com for info regarding this product.

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