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SPC Control Arms

The most adjustable upper control arm available.

If you have installed level off kit spacers or lift struts it is hard to achieve decent wheel alignment specs because of the upper/lower control arms angle change. Adding a pair of SPC adj. arms increases the adjustment window and allows the technician to achieve proper alignment specs.

Many Toyota trucks and SUVs run out of factory adjustment when you install lift kits. With SPCs patented design this upper control arm provides an additional +/- 2 degrees of camber and 0 degree to +4 degree of caster change. Built with an OE style ball joint and new SpecRide(tm) bushings, this arm is designed to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. The hybrid tubular and forged steel design is tough enough to race – on or off-road. These remove and replace arms are available in pairs for lifted and off-road applications.

These arms feature our NEW SpecRide(tm) Bushings
SpecRide(tm) Proprietary Bushings Feature:
* Free moving pivot sleeve which eliminates failures caused by high travel suspensions
* Noise and vibration control
* Ozone, oil and alkaline resistant material

Adjustment range: Camber +/- 2.00 degree
Caster 0.0 degree to +4.00 degree

Sold in set of 2

Contact for any details and pricing

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