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Only when the cool breeze no longer feels as chilly as you remember. Simple enough. Now, it is true that a well maintained A/C system can go its entire life without needing a recharge. But, that’s if you’re extremely lucky. If you start noticing your A/C isn’t reaching those refreshingly cool temperatures, have your system inspected at Dales Auto Service. In this situation, most cars will be low on refrigerant. And since the A/C is a sealed system, low refrigerant is a sign that something is not right. It may be a small leak that needs attention or possibly part of the A/C is failing – bring it in and we’ll perform an A/C Performance Check and get to the root of the problem. We’ll get you back out there cruising with a nice, cool breeze again.

Dales Auto Service has top-of-the-line AC machines that are designed to test and diagnose any and all automotive A/C problems. If we suspect a leak, we’ll install a special UV Dye visible by black light to detect leaks. This device is run along the outside of your A/C system parts and can detect any refrigerant fumes and residue that have breached the A/C system. If there is a leak, our A/C trained technicians will fix the leak, re-charge your system with new refrigerant and you are on your way.


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