Battery Replacement & Servicing


Dale’s Auto Service offers car batteries from leading brands. So if you’ve got a car battery problem or you think your battery is weak, we’ll test and report to you the condition of your battery. We will get you on your way in no time with ­high-quality car batteries that offer strong long-term warranties.

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, the car battery is its blood. And just like a heart can’t pump without blood, an engine can’t run without the juice that a car battery pumps into it. Together with the engine and the alternator, the car battery is one of the vital components of a car’s health. We will check the condition of your battery during all of our inspections so you know if your battery is good or needs replacing before its too late.


Dale’s Will Get You Started



At Dale’s Auto Service, they always say the best offense is a good defense. We’ll help keep your vehicle running stronger by providing you with complete electrical system maintenance and replacement options. Our corrosion protection service, battery terminal cleaning service, and electrical system check will stop problems before they become huge problems. Quality replacement terminals, cables, hold-downs can help bring new life to your existing electrical system.




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