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Brake Fluid Flush


Brake fluid is possibly the single most neglected component of the automobile. Most high performance drivers check their tire pressures and change their engine oil at frequent intervals, but virtually no one ever changes the brake fluid in their street car. The function of brake fluid is to provide an in-compressible medium to transmit the driver’s foot pressure on the brake pedal through the master cylinder to the calipers in order to clamp the friction material against the brake discs – then you stop.


Why Do We Recommend a Brake Flush?

This is a simple concept. When fresh, all brake fluids are virtually incompressible and the system works as well as its mechanical and hydraulic design allows. There can be, however, significant problems in the proper functioning of brake fluid. Overheated brake fluid can boil in the brake caliper if overheating occurs. Brake fluid boiling produces gas bubbles within the brake hydraulic system. Gas is compressible so boiling brake fluid leads to a “soft” brake pedal with long travel. In extreme cases overheated brake fluid necessitates “pumping the brake pedal” in order to get a pedal at all.


brake fluid flush machine

Dales has a proven name when it comes to brake repairs and servicing.  We know that not only does brake fluid overheat and lose it’s integrity, brake fluid and the brake hydraulic system also contaminate over time.  This is where our MOTORVAC BRAKEVAC II comes to the rescue.Our BRAKEVAC II  MVB 8100 bleed and brake flush machine allows complete control and provides a systematic and efficient approach to conducting a thorough fluid exchange service. This machine has the optional feature of an adjustable pressure regulator that enables our expert brake technicians to set the pressure between 0 and 30psi. In the event that the brake fluid level runs low, the BRAKEVAC II will automatically shut itself off, preventing air from getting into the system or damaging any components.





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