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Drive-line Repair & Replacement Service


The driveline of your vehicle is a combination of several parts that are separate from the engine and transmission. It is comprised of the driveshaft, axles, wheels, differentials and joints – all parts commonly referred to as the drivetrain. These components work together to steer the vehicle. Driveline repairs can become necessary when there is physical or structural damage, wear and tear, rusting, or breakage to any component of the system.

Symptoms of a Bad Drive-line

When you are unable to steer properly or you think there is a problem with the drive-line. A technician can inspect the drive-line and provide information on the necessary repairs required to return your vehicle to safe operating conditions. Most commonly this means replacing worn components but it can also entail replacing the entire system. Entire drive-line replacement is more common with older vehicles.

Balancing a Drive-line Shaft

You may need drive-line repair if your vehicle seems to shudder when you step on the gas. You may also hear a loud, hard noise when shifting your vehicle. This indicates there may be an issue with the joints. A technician can inspect your vehicle to look for leaks, cracks in the housing, damage to individual components and overall wear to determine the proper steps for repair.

Speak to a Drive-line Specialist

If you experience any of the vehicle symptoms above, bring your vehicle to Dales Auto Service and let our expert technicians take a look. They can look for specific areas of concern and offer repair advice on any component of the drive-line that requires it. Inspections and repairs like this can keep your vehicle safe on the road and working at its best  

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