Engine Coolant Flush


Why Do We Recommend Coolant Flushes

Without a properly functioning cooling system, heat levels produced by your car’s engine are great enough to damage the components of the engine itself. Aluminum heads can warp. Head gaskets can blow. Engines can fail. And those are all big ticket repairs.

At Dale’s Auto Service, we offer more than just a “drain-and-fill.”  Our expert technicians will assess the state of your cooling system and service your vehicle properly.

Dale’s radiator fluid exchange service includes:

  • Comprehensive system inspection
  • ROBINAIR-powered radiator flush
  • Addition of flush chemicals or conditioners, sealant and lubricant
  • Pressure check and tests for leaks




At Dales Auto Service we believe it’s all about “catching it in time”.  Plenty of vehicles arrive at our shop with leaking water pumps, blown radiators and overheated engines.  Does replacing coolant in your engine always stop these problems from happening?  Maybe, maybe not.


Frequent engine repair and failure can be traced to improper or non existent engine cooling water treatment. Rust, scale, mineral deposit and deterioration of seals are the result of improper or no treatment in the cooling system.

From the time the coolant is introduced into any type of engine it starts a gradual degradation process into corrosive acids. This degradation is a function of time, temperature and the types of metals used in the engine and components construction. Once the coolant turns acidic all engine metals start to dissolve. The results are leaking water pumps, heater cores and radiators.

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