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Engine Repair


Head Gasket Repair

A blown head gasket is a common cause for a number of symptoms. Coolant in the engine oil, an engine misfire or oil leaking from the engine could all be a symptom. These could each also have other causes and an actual blown head gasket may show none of the above symptoms.

When a head gasket fails between a combustion chamber and the cooling system, a loss of coolant and overheating are often the result. This may be intermittent in nature. For instance the vehicle may only overheat after driving a distance. With short trips, symptoms may not show up. This type of failure is very damaging.

Not only does overheating continue to get worse, combustion gasses are corrosive and may severely damage the cooling system. Other symptoms may include repeat failure of hoses, radiators and cooling system components. Pressure may build in the cooling system until the weakest link fails. Replacing the component causes the next weakest part to fail.


Engine misfire caused by a head gasket

A head gasket that fails between cylinders will generally cause a misfire and perhaps few other symptoms. With a failure between cylinders, compression from one cylinder leaks into another. Lowered compression results in a rough idling engine. Damage of this type may not cause overheating, coolant in the oil or any other outward sign. Many people overlook this as the cause of engine misfires, because the blown head gasket does not also give the other more common symptoms.


Oil Leaks

Dales Auto Service fixes all oil leaks coming from your motor.  Common oil leaks are associated with the valve covers, oil pan and the rear main engine seal. Our expert technicians will diagnose the issue and we’ll issue an firm estimate before the work starts.  We find many vehicles arrive with low oil levels in the engine.  Leaks are one culprit of this symptom and only lead to bigger repair bills.


Engine Replacement

If your engine is old, blown or is beyond repair, Dales Auto Service will install a rebuilt or good low mileage used engine.

There are various reasons why one would either choose, or need, to replace an engine for their automobile. Some customers simply need to replace an older engine which requires major repairs, while others may replace an engine to obtain greater power, make an old car more reliable for daily use, or because it is less expensive than buying a new car.

Regardless of your engine replacement needs, Dales Auto Service are experienced and ready to assist you in achieving the highest level of performance for your vehicle.


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Engine Service & Repair


  • Head Gasket Replacement
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  • Oil Leaks
  • Engine Replacement



Dales Auto Service can provide expert service and repair on most make and model vehicles


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