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Ignition System Repair



Dales always recommend preventative maintenance to your car ignition system to ensure a fast start, even engine idle, increased fuel mileage and a smooth ride. Following your vehicle’s manufactured recommendations for car ignition system part replacement will ensure your car will start properly, maintain proper fuel mileage and avoid vehicle break downs.  Our technicians know what it takes to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently!

Spark Plugs & Ignition Wires

spark plug logos at dales

Dales offers a full line of spark plugs and ignition wires for your engine. We believe in quality and will only install the correct spark plugs to achieve the greatest power, best fuel mileage and overall performance for your engine.



vehicle starter pic

Our starters come with a solid warranty – one year unlimited mileage warranty!  Dales will load test and diagnose if your engine’s starter is the cause of your problem.

Coil Packs and Distributors, Caps & Rotors


 What is a coil pack or a distributor?  Simply put, it is where the spark is originated to detonate the fuel in your engine.  These items can malfunction and wear out causing a rough idle or engine misfire.  When these items fail, a “check engine light” may appear on your dash.  Our top trained technicians will scan your vehicle’s computer and find out where the problem is and replace the parts to get you on your way!   Dales offers a wide variety of ignition coils/boots and distributors.  From factory replacement to full race versions, we can get your spark as hot as you want!