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Kings Springs exclusively use high quality, high stress X5K spring steel.

This new generation steel allows King Springs to further improve many of their existing designs by reducing the amount of steel required in a spring, making it substantially lighter (by approximately 30%) and reducing the solid height therefore increasing travel. Being of particular benefit at all top levels of Motorsport, this new high stress material was introduced to the leading v8 super car teams (inc HRT, FPR & HSV) in early 2007 giving a hugely successful endorsement of its characteristics & proven durability.

Although considerably expensive, King Springs have introduced this new high stress steel to their passenger car and 4wd designs which benefit the most at no extra cost to the consumer. As of now all King Springs manufactured coils are now in X5K material.

Height Options

Many of our springs are designed to cross reference and give various height options on some vehicles. This information is too diversified and complicated to be printed and is often conditional. Please consult our technical staff if specialist height options are requested.

VEHICLE RIDE HEIGHTS (centre hub to guard)
An extensive library of vehicle ride heights is being compiled and this information is available to all customers.

Car Coils

Please note: The following height classifications are a generalization only. Degree of lowering can vary between part numbers and vehicles. Spring design i.e. spring rate and vehicle height is relative to market demand. If exacting measurements are required for vehicle ride heights please contact King Springs.

  • Front Low: Lowers vehicle approximately 30mm below standard.
  • Front STD: Standard Height.
  • Front Raised: Raises vehicle approximately 20mm above standard (recommended for bull bar, country driving or whenever increased ground clearance is desired).
  • Rear Low: Lowers vehicle approximately 30mm below standard.
  • Rear STD +:Standard height to 20mm raised.
  • Rear Raised: Raises vehicle approximately 30-40mm above standard (recommended for excessive towing, load-carrying or LPG tank etc)

NOTE: Super Low coils are generally 40-50 below standard


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