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Dale’s … in Afghanistan, Huh ???



Dale’s meets military muscle in Afghanistan.


Name:  Ryan

Truck: Military A*s Kicker

One of our customers; Ryan pointing at Dale’s Auto stickers on front bumper of Canadian military anti-mine resistant bohemoth and stickers on the side of green armoured vehicle below.


Hey dudes, Happy New Year from the sandbox and all. I snapped a few photos earlier today that I thought you’d enjoy. Feel free to use them as you will, show them in the forum, scare customers, etc… The huge “f@*k of a truck thing” is called a Cougar and is one of the latest generation of MRAP’s (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) we have. It’s soon to be my mobile office of 43 ton destruction.


afhani truck 1                    afhganistan truck 2

The big green thing is the new LAV RWS (Light Armoured Vehicle – Remote Weapon System) that I have spent the bulk of my time in so far. Faster than the Cougar and more guns but it doesn’t have the same kind of armour protection.

afhganistan truck 3

Anyhow, I thought you may enjoy these and the involuntary advertising. \;) I’m off to Cape Town in just a few days for my vacation and I’ll see if I can get some Subie pics if they even have any there.

I am TOTALLY missing hanging out with all of you at the shop and of course, driving my car. Can’t wait until may when we can hang out again. Take care my friends!


“Nice machine gun you’re holding Ryan! It will be approx $800 to align that rig, would you like to make an appointment?”





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