3872_0Get a massive power boost on your 2015 5.0L Coyote Mustang by using a DiabloSport tuner! Since the early 2000’s, DiabloSport has been recognized as “The Power People” when it comes to Mustang Performance, and their R&D team has gone to great lengths to make “Power You Can Feel” with their tunes for the 2015 Mustang GT. DiabloSport’s tunes amp up the already considerable performance of the 2015 5.0L Mustang by tapping into the unused power potential Ford left on the table. By installing a DiabloSport inTune or Trinity programmer and running 93-octane gas, they recorded gains of 15 HP and 30 Ft. Lbs of Torque (At Peak) without even popping the hood. Their tunes optimize throttle response, clean up automatic shifting, and raise rev limiters- all in an effort to shave time off your quarter mile. You will notice an instant difference in the way your Mustang drives.

DiabloSport’s tuning department slaved over the tunes for hours on end to ensure peak power, and their performance programmers give you options to change tons of vehicle parameters to your specific needs. Customizable options include tire size, gear size, spark/fuel settings, shifting, MAF Curves, and tons more. While their tunes are great for a stock car with no mods, every DiabloSport tuner can hold virtually unlimited custom tunes. You can get a custom tune from your favorite online tuning shop (like BAMA Performance), or one of their local CMR dyno tuning shop. Loading a custom tune to an inTune is as easy as dragging and dropping the file on a PC or Mac. Trinity users can use DiabloSport’s DS Downloader tuning software to save and load multiple tunes at the same time.

Pre-Loaded Performance Tunes & Adjust Stock Setting

The tune selections for the 2015 Mustang depend on the type of gas you want to put in the tank. For best results, we always recommend running the highest-octane gas available, and running the tune associated with that octane rating (ex: 93 octane, 91 octane)

93/91 Octane Performance Tunes: + 15 HP & + 30 TQ
Designed for power, economy, and drivability, this tune requires users to run a minimum of 93 or 91 octane (respectively) in their gas tank to see the best power gains. Mid-range horsepower gains are 33HP over stock.

93/91 Octane JLT Cold Air Intake Tunes: + 28 HP & + 50 TQ
During tune development, we had a chance to get our hands on a JLT cold air intake- so we created a tune specifically to run with their kit on the Mustang. With the intake installed, our tunes made 28 HP and 50 TQ. Check out the dyno sheet to see the specific curve. Hint: we picked up 39 HP in the mid-range.

Factory HP Tune/Factory Transmission tune:
This tune uses the car’s factory calibration, but allows for modifications to the tune to suit your own needs.

Application: 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L


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