After hitting the curb or pothole is your car steering different? is there a shake, wobble or pull(either way) that wasn’t there prior to the incident? Don’t forget about the issue, many times the alignment may be knocked out and in a worst case scenario you may have a bent wheel, damaged tire or suspension damage. This could lead to excessive tire wear, unstable steering and an unsafe vehicle is there is significant damage to suspension

Dales Auto Service has highly trained technicians to diagnose and repair any suspension or tire damage related to curb or pothole impact. For the last 28yrs we have worked with several auto-body repair facilities and Insurance Companies to fine tune our abilities to diagnose, process and repair your vehicle. Our goal is to alleviate the stress a person may have and to take care of the problem so your busy life is not interrupted.


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  1. We start of with an alignment check to find the severity of damage and from here is where we determine if it is more cost effective to pay out of pocket or get an insurance company involved.


Wheel Alignment Inspection

Wheel Alignment Inspection at Dales Auto Service


2. If the vehicle is deemed not safe to drive because the suspension is damaged we will get you into a rental car for the duration of the repair. If the insurance company needs to get involved we will find the best plan for your car to their facility.


3. Once our technicians have diagnosed the condition of the vehicle an estimate will be written for you. Dales has a massive network of part suppliers and auto recyclers where we can find A1 condition parts to bring your vehicle back to its prior condition if they are required. When we get the OK to proceed will will have the repair done in the most efficient manner and you will be kept updated through out the repair process.


4. When the vehicle is repaired we check the wheel alignment to confirm the vehicle is back to its prior condition. When our technicians give the car a thumbs up you will be notified for vehicle pick-up.




Dales Auto Service is here to help you 7 days a week!!

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