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Hawk ‘Performance Street’ Brake Pads: *Street Race Pads (‘R’ Compound Code)*
While the High Performance Street/Race pad is ideal for many aggressive drivers that own high performance street cars, it does produce a bit of noise and dust.

* Aggressive Torque
* Great Rotor and Pad Wear Life
* 100-1200°F Operating Temperatures
* Smooth and Predictable Control
* Designed to Deliver High Deceleration Rates
* Smooth Braking Feel
* Consistent Brake Release Characteristics

Hawk HPS/HP+ starting at- $95set

all makes and model of Subaru in stock




DBA 4000 and Standard slotted Brake Rotors

42657 dba Rear 2-pot STI rear disc conversion rotors- $380pr
4648 dba Front’98-04 Forester, Legacy- $240pr
4650S dba Front ’02-15 WRX, BRZ, Forester XT- $295pr
4653 dba rear ’06-07 WRX/05-08 LGT –$240pr
4654S dba front ’04+ STI-$380pr
4655 SL/R slotted rear rotors ’04-07 STi –$260pr
644S DBA 02-06 WRX / 98-07 Impreza 2.5L RS Rear Slotted Street Series Rotor –$195pr
650S 12+ Subaru/Scion BRZ/FR-S Limited&Premium (US Spec)/ 08-13 WRX Front Slotted Street Series Rotor-$240pr
653 ’06-07 WRX / 05-08 LGT Rear Slotted Street Series Rotor –$195pr
655 SL/R 02-09 Subaru WRX / 02-07 STi Rear Slotted Street Series Rotor –$220pr
657 DBA 01-04 Outback 2.5L/3.0 H6 Rear Slotted Street Series Rotor –$220pr   


These prices are for “in stock” parts.


dba rotor and Hawk brake pads are available for many vehicle applications


For part availability please call 604-530-9160 or email sales@dalesmotorsport.com

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