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KONI America will bring back the consumer 25% off Shock Value Sale for 2015. The Sale will begin on March 1st, 2015 and run through August 31st, 2015. Dealers will be able to stock up and take advantage of the discounted price beginning February 1st, 2015. Dealers can not advertise or activate their 2015 Shock Value Sale prior to March 1st. All marketing material or advertisements should NOTindicate an end date since this is a limited time only promotion. Approved logos for before and after the July 1st 2015 date are attached to this announcement.

Sale Details

• Colgate minimum retail price changes to 47% off List Price. Use this percentage when setting “Sale” pricing.
• 25% off refers to the difference between normal Colgate consumer pricing and “Sale” pricing. (the % is close but not exact)
• Dealers: Effective Feb. 1st – August 31st
• Consumers: Effective Mar. 1st – August 31st
• Street Automotive product lines only – including the new KONI / H&R suspension 1140 and 1120 kits
• Does not apply to Racing, RV, Heavy Duty, KONI Shop, piece
• parts, production runs or parts not listed in the current KONI price sheet and/or catalog
• US & Canada only, no exportation to other countries allowed
• Special Order parts listed in the current price sheet and/or catalog are included
• Uses the KONI America 2015 Price List effective February 1, 2015
• New Terms & Conditions apply during the Sale term

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