Tein Street Flex Coilovers : 2015+ Subaru STI


Tein has just released their Street Flex coilovers for the 2015+ Subaru STI. The Street Flex damper is the evolution of Tein’s popular Type Flex coilover. Developed to provide the ultimate balance of comfort and performance for both street driving and circuit use, along with wide-range damping force adjustment using a new Advance Needle technology and new damper valving specs, giving the driver a much more noticeable feel in damping force change and controllability. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Full-length adjustability offers separate spring preload and ride height adjustment. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Includes Pillowball Upper Mounts (camber adjustable for strut type applications) and is compatible with the EDFC and EDFC Active systems.

Ride Height (Recommended)

Front: -1.2″
Rear: -1.0″

Ride Height Adjustment Range

Front: 0″: -2.4″
Rear: 0.4″: -2.3″

Spring Rates

Front: 8.0kg/mm
Rear: 7.0kg/mm

Kit Features

– Upper mounts (camber adjustable front plates)
– Fully threaded damper body for separate ride height and spring preload adjustments
– ZT coated damper bodies are highly resistant to corrosion and maintains smooth adjustment for ride height and spring preload.
– 16-way damping adjustable
– Advance Needle providing a broader damping range compared to previous designs
– EDFC Series compatible
– Fully rebuildable
– 1-year warranty against manufacturers defects

Go Fast Bits DV+ Blow Off Valve : Dodge, BMW and Fiat Applications


GFB’s DV+ Diverter valve is a direct replacement for the factory valve on the Dodge Dart, BMW F30 335i,F20, F21 M135i & Fiat Abarth applications.

The factory valves in these cars are prone to failure due to two reasons. The first point of failure is the diaphragm. They are commonly known to rupture, especially when boost and temperature are increased as a result of chip tuning. The second area of failure is the plastic piston within the valve which does not seal well and does not close completely after a high-boost gear shift.

GFB has taken a different approach to deliver a complete solution that solves existing problems and improves performance, without compromise or a hefty price tag. The DV+ addresses the factory valve problems with a very simple and elegant solution. Keeping the factory solenoid retains all the benefits of the stock system, and replacing the valve parts with indestructible metal components ensures strength and reliability no matter how much boost you run. That’s not all. Rather than using the solenoid to directly actuate the valve, GFB introduced a unique “pilot-actuation” system. This means the solenoid controls the air pressure that is used to open and close the piston, so it doesn’t matter how much boost you push through it, the DV+ will open and close reliably without ever exceeding the solenoid’s capability.

This feature also improves on the factory system by opening the valve progressively in response to boost pressure, so it only opens as much as required to get the job done (the factory valve simply opens and shuts, it cannot partially open if boost pressure is low), resulting in better throttle response.

Features and Benefits

– Retains the factory solenoid coil for seamless integration
– Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on chipped engines
– Direct-fit replacement with GFB’s TMS benefits
– Exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost


Dodge Dart
BMW F30 335i
BMW F21 M135i
Fiat Abarth

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