Project Kics, a product line consisting of wheel spacers, lug nuts, and hub centric rings is now available from Turn 14 Distribution. Project Kics is a member of the larger KYO-EI industrial corporation, which is located in Osaka,Japan. With a certifications and memberships including ISO, NAPAC and JAB, Project Kics assures the highest quality standards for their products. This product line will drop ship directly from the exclusive USA distributor, Mackin Industries, in Santa Fe Springs California.

Wheel Spacers

Project Kics wheel spacers are sold in pairs of two and are an easy way to bring wheels closer to the fenders or clear big brake calipers. Spacers are available for most popular Japanese applications and come in 10-30mm spacing. A majority of these spacers feature bolt-on design which include new studs and nuts to attach to the existing studs.

Lug Nuts

Project Kics offers a large assortment of lug nuts including open end, closed end, and locking designs. Some of their most popular lugs include the Racing Composite R26 and R40, Kyokugen, and Leggdura Lightweight Alloy lug nuts which are available in a variety of finishes. Project Kics R26 / R40 Lug Nuts feature an unique seven-sided, heptagonal design that consists of 2 pieces, where the top of the lug spin freely from the tapered centering ring. This ensures a much tighter and precise hold than traditional lug nuts. It also minimizes the chances of scratching your wheels. All Project Kics lug nuts include any needed lock sockets for correct installation. Most Project Kics lug nut sets are available in packs of (16) or (20) based on application. Please make sure to order correctly.

Hub Centric Rings

Project Kics hub centric rings are available in a large range of sizes and are constructed from CNC billet aluminum for safe installation of wheel spacers. These hub centric spacers are specifically made for Project Kics spacers and center the wheel on the hub to reduce high speed vibration. Sold in sets of (2).



GrimmSpeed’s cold air intake for the 2013+ Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ was designed to increase power through the RPM range safely without custom tuning. It was also designed to be installed without removing the front bumper – which makes installation quick and easy.

The design of this intake started with months of hands-on research. Using a FARO Arm, GrimmSpeed was able to MAP the engine bay in 3D to ensure a perfect fitment. They used that working envelope to maximize performance by eliminating the 90 degree bend just before the airbox. They found that this contributed to decreased resistance, but also helped with accurate MAF readings.The MAF sensor was located inside the airbox to ensure that the heat from the motor and headers didn’t skew it’s readings.

With a solid theoretical foundation and a number of prototypes, Grimmspeed engineers hit the dyno. Working with a very well respected tuner, they tested 26 different intake configurations with over 140 dyno pulls. Armed with a massive amount of data, design decisions were made and we moved forward into production.

In true GrimmSpeed fashion, no corners were cut in the fabrication of each and every one of these intakes. The airbox is laser cut, CNC bent, riveted together and threaded inserts are installed before the entire assembly receives a heavy duty black wrinkle powdercoat. MAF flanges are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and the intake tube is fabricated from custom bent tubing, made specifically for our application, to provide the perfect MAF diameter. The air straightener is laser cut from the same 6061 material and tumbled before the entire assembly is TIG welded by our expert welders. After welding, each tube is inspected and ported as needed to ensure maximum performance.

The intake provides gains in horsepower and torque across the entire rev range. This includes gains of 3-4 ftlbs in the “torque dip,” and peak gains of 6 horsepower as measured at the wheels on a Dyno Dynamics dynomometer (reads lower than the common Dynojet). These gains are not achieved through MAF trickery either, as the air to fuel ratio remains nearly identical to the factory’s. Additional gains in the top end can be achieved by modifying your factory snorkel (around 2whp).

Quick Specs

– Power and Torque Gains – Throughout entire rev range, no tuning required
– Mimics factory AFR – Safest intake on the market
– Installs easily without bumper removal – Don’t ruin your bumper fitment like other intakes!
– Made in the USA – Minnesota
– 30min Installation – Extremely simple with written and video guides




ISC Suspension’s coilover covers (patent pending) were designed to help protect your coilovers from the elements during the winter months. These covers are made of 3mm neoprene to repel water, sand, dirt , and debris from damaging your coilovers. ISC’s coilover covers will protect your threaded shock body and protect the oil seals at the same time.

Help eliminate the threat of seized coilovers and use the ISC coilover sleeves! Protect your investment! The adjustable diameter allows for fitment on many coilover brands, not just ISC. Sold in pairs, in either 300mm or 370mm lengths.


-Durable 3mm neoprene
-Adjustable diameter
-ISC Logo printed on each sleeve


All ISC Coilovers
Many other brands as well





Add some flair to the engine bay of your 2015+ Subaru WRX or STI with the Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator Stay Set. These radiator stays will fit perfectly with the stock or Mishimoto Subaru WRX Performance Aluminum Radiator and are available in silver, black, blue, or red to compliment your engine bay. Each precision radiator stay is constructed from 5052 aluminum with a durable anodized finish. Each radiator stay also features an innovative mounting dowel which guarantees a worry-free installation. As with all Mishimoto products this radiator stay set includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

Features and Benefits

– Direct fit for the 2015+ WRX and STI
– Anodized silver, black, blue, or red options available
– Constructed from 5052 aluminum
– Includes a set of two radiator stays
– Fits both Mishimoto and stock radiators
– Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Application: 2015 Subaru WRX




PERRIN knows it’s important to keep your rear end cool in the 2004-2015 Subaru STI. Keep it cool with the PERRIN Performance Differential Cover. Made from high strength, heat-treated cast aluminum, their cover incorporates cooling fins to reduce oil temps, thus extending the life of your expensive differential. Additionally, the oil capacity is increased more than 30% over stock. All combined in a great looking design to positively accentuate your rear end.


2015 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2014 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2013 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2012 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2011 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2010 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2009 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2009 Subaru Legacy GT Drivetrain
2008 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2008 Subaru Legacy GT Drivetrain
2007 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2007 Subaru Legacy GT Drivetrain
2006 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2006 Subaru Legacy GT Drivetrain
2005 Subaru STI Drivetrain
2005 Subaru Legacy GT Drivetrain
2004 Subaru STI Drivetrain




PERRIN Performance has made it easy for you to mount dual Hella horns in the front grill of the Subaru WRX and STI. These brackets are perfect for installing the Hella Super Tone or Sharp Tone Horn sets, which are available at Turn 14 Distribution.

The PERRIN Brackets for HELLA Horns are designed in three variants allowing for a perfect fit on your specific model of WRX/STI. Being tailored for specific models makes for better fitment than competitors’ universal brackets.

The PERRIN Brackets come with slotted mounting points for horn assemblies. These allow for fine-tuning of the position of horns to work with unique setups.

By offering multiple mounting points, the connection between the radiator support and bracket is solidified and reduces unwanted flex under all driving conditions.

Made from thick, precision laser cut, and CNC formed 304 Stainless Steel, this brackets are designed to withstand all climates and not fatigue over the lifespan of the product.

Texture powdercoated black with a vivid PERRIN logo, the PERRIN Brackets for HELLA Horns are guaranteed to continue looking great while being used.

The PERRIN Brackets are designed to work with Hella’s horn assemblies, this includes the popular Super Tone, Sharp Tone, and other models. Click here to purchase a set of Super Tone horns if you do not require a bracket.

PERRIN Performance warrants to the original purchaser that all PERRIN products will be free from defects in material and workmanship within a sixty (60) month period from the date of purchase. *Some exclusions apply




Cusco has introduced their direct fit oil catch can for the 2015 Subaru STI. Cusco’s oil catch can will help reduce oil buildup in the intake tract to maximize engine efficiency and life. It will also help reduce condensation inside the engine which can lead to issues down the road. Cusco’s catch can features a polished aluminum construction with all hardware needed for installation.

Application: 2015 Subaru STI

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